Why Podyum Doesn't Do Social Media

When I first decided to start Podyum, I reached out to my cousin who works in ecommerce. I asked her what she thought about social media’s place in my business.

As an athlete, I haven’t gone near the socials in years. Because of this, I’ve had a great opportunity to work on my mental health both in and out of the gym.

Yet I had doubts. I knew social media had no place in my life, but is the same true for Podyum the popcorn company? It’s a small business in an industry that demands cheap, instant gratification. 

But my cousin changed the way I saw my business and all she said was:

"I'd like to see you go without it."

All of a sudden, my goals changed. From that point on, it wasn’t about making money or getting the product on as many shelves as I could, it was about creating something that I could be proud of, something I would respect.

And so Podyum is social media free.

But like my personal transition out of social media, the reaction to this decision was met by resistance. I’ve gotten remarks from, “Are you sure this is a good idea?” to “It’s just a popcorn company!” These comments can sometimes be difficult to navigate through. While I want to stay true to my values, my mind constantly wanders to the alternatives:

What if social media could get me to the customers I want?

What if I’ve made it too hard to get discovered?

What if I fail because of this?

I’ll be the first to admit - I’m scared to start a new business. I’m nineteen years old and have never put a sizable amount of money into any one thing before. I have statistics breathing down my neck and a complicated web of bureaucracy to navigate through for the first time. I’m afraid of losing money and I’m afraid of failing publicly. 

But here’s the good news – I’m the only one that stands in the way of it all. I’m betting on myself, and that’s something I can put my trust in. I don’t need social media; I need a confident business owner who thrives in the face of uncertainty and aversion. 

My cousin didn’t say, “You can definitely do without social media”, she said “It’s going to be difficult, but I know you can do it.”