Origin Story

It was the most beautiful salad I'd ever seen...

I was in Calgary at the time. It was the 2019 Open National Championships and I was staying with my aunt and uncle.

If you didn't know any better, you'd say they were chefs. But not just any chefs, healthy chefs. They make their own crackers, there's sugar free everything around the house, and somehow their plain oatmeal is leagues above mine. You could pick up any food item in the house and not have to think twice about it.

But this salad, it changed my life (and I really mean it). I sat down the day before the competition for lunch and was served a masterpiece. There must have been 20 ingredients all-in-all, and they worked perfectly together. It even got me to eat - and enjoy - three vegetables that I previously disliked.


It also introduced a new ingredient to me, and I think you know its name.


My aunt was skittish at first to tell me what it was, and it was understandable - we associate yeast with being "alive", which some people find strange. Instead, this was nutritious and uniquely tasty. This was the moment I welcomed nutritional yeast into my life.

It's almost too perfect how nutritional yeast has combined with my favourite snack. Popcorn + Nutritional yeast = instant hit. I did some experimentation to perfect the recipe and ended up with Podyum Popcorn.

From March to June of 2020, my family and I had popcorn almost every night. Always with the same recipe and always with a movie. My mother went from loving Smartfood and the classic butter/salt popcorn combo, to turning away anything that isn't nutritional yeast popcorn. And my step-dad, well let's just say he's had more popcorn in the last three months than in his entire life.

So I decided to go for it. Coupled with the fact that I'm a vegetarian athlete, nutritional yeast popcorn has rounded out my diet and curbed my evening cravings with a snack that I can have complete confidence in.

Now, my next step is to do for everyone what my aunt did for me.

- Madison