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Podyum Nutritional Yeast Popcorn

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Rich in Vitamin B12

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Proudly Social Media Free

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Born in Cambridge, Ontario

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Athlete Friendly

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Podyum Popcorn

We are a healthy snack company specializing in our Nutritional Yeast Popcorn. The well-rounded, healthy lifestyle of an athlete is one that we admire and feel everyone should strive for, from diet and exercise to mental health. That's why our popcorn is nutrient-dense, vegan friendly, and social media free.

About the Owner


I generally avoid buying regular popcorn because I don't feel it contributes anything of substance to my diet, however, the nutritional yeast in Podyum Popcorn is a game changer!

Paul Stevenson, Professional Triathlete

For athletes, the things we put into our bodies can be the difference between winning or losing. Podyum popcorn is loaded with Vitamin B12 which I personally believe is the most important Vitamin for physical performance. I definitely recommend this popcorn to anybody who is looking for a healthy, great-tasting alternative!

Denton Daley, Former Four-Time World Ranked Champion Boxer

Everytime we say it's just gonna be a couple handfuls, it ends up being the whole bag. With Podyum Popcorn there's no guilt involved in that scenario.

Zach Richardson, Open National and Pan American Bouldering Champion

This popcorn is a super delicious snack! It's filled with beneficial nutrients that provide energy for athletes, like myself. I highly recommend!

Indiana Chapman, National Champion Sport Climber

Oftentimes I am trying to find creative “balanced” snacks that athletes will enjoy. It's neat that a serving of this popcorn contains 6g protein, plus a nice serving of fibre. I think this would be a great snack for athletes to help maintain blood sugars and sustain energy levels between meals.

Christine St. Clair, Registered Dietician and Sport Nutritionist

As an athlete, I love Podyum popcorn! It contains healthy fats, protein, and an abundance Vitamin B. On top of that, it’s delicious and gives me energy without feeling too full before training.

Paige Boklaschuk, National Champion Sport Climber

Podyum Popcorn is the go-to nutritional snack for my climbing sessions and my business kiosk.

Dustin Sigurdson, Owner and President, The Core Climbing Gym

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