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Our Mission

We are small healthy snack business specializing in our Nutritional Yeast Popcorn. A well-rounded, healthy lifestyle is one we strive for at Podyum, from diet and exercise to mental health. That's why our popcorn is nutrient-dense, vegan friendly, and social media free.

The nutritional yeast in Podyum Popcorn is a game changer!

Paul, professional triathlete

I definitely recommend this popcorn to anyone looking for a healthy, great-tasting alternative to conventional snacks.

Denton, World-Ranked Champion Boxer

I can’t ever eat regular popcorn again - Podyum is simply the best I’ve ever had!


Podyum Popcorn is the go-to nutritional snack for my climbing sessions and my business kiosk!


Every time we say it's just going to be a couple handfuls, it ends up being the whole bag!

Zach, Champion Sport Climber

Meet Madison!

Madison Fischer is the proud creator of Podyum Popcorn! She's a professional sport climber who values health and nutrition above all. Read more about her below!